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Some of Panhellenic's most frequently asked questions relate to membership costs. Each of our chapters has their own dues which are determined at the beginning of every year. Payment plan options are available in every chapter to help ease any financial burden. On Values Night of Primary Recruitment, each chapter you visit will provide you with a financial transparency form that will break down their individual dues and what the money goes towards. UAH Panhellenic makes every effort to be as transparent as possible when it comes to finances.

Average Costs for 2022-2023

Average Annual Cost for New Members: $1592

Average Annual Cost for Member Living In the House: $1142

Average Annual Cost for Members Not Living In the House: $1209

Information Pertaining to the Averages for Fall 2023 will be shared in August! Stay Tuned!

If you have any questions about UAH Panhellenic finances, please email

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